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The event at Fort St. Jean is located at the Royal Military College Saint-Jean


Crossing the Border with Flintlock Muskets

There are no restrictions or special permits/licenses required to bring flintlock long-arms (please note that pistols are not permitted) into Canada, as Canadian Gun Laws view antique and reproduction flintlock long-arms as reproduction antiques and NOT as firearms. You must declare your flintlock musket or rifle when you enter the country and answer all questions politely and directly. Your purpose on entering the country is to attend the historical reenactment.

Of course, staff at the border crossings at this time are usually summer students and may not be familiar with the regulations. That is why the Chief Provincial Firearms Officer for Quebec will send a notice to Canada Customs regarding this event.  We will also provide a welcome letter for you to show at Customs.

You should also register your musket or rifle and have the registration form stamped by U.S. Customs before entering Canada.  This is a personal property registration and will be checked by U.S. Customs when you return to the U.S. to insure that you did not purchase the musket or rifle in Canada.


For U.S. Residents, you may use either a U.S. Passport or a Passport Card to travel to Canada.

Local Lodgings – for a listing of local hotels, click here.  Please note that if you are planning to stay in a hotel in St-Jean, book early as St-Jean is also hosting the International Balloon Festival the same weekend .

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